the good...and being in disguise

@luisaR (452)
March 21, 2012 7:55pm CST
no offend to most born again christian here. peace V. but I observe that some of the active christian I know are also some of the best critics I have ever encountered. They believe that they are divine and pure because they serve the Lord and active on ministries but whenever I get to talk with them, they criticize people in the neighborhood: They are very judgmental and I can't help but take a deep breath. Other than critics,some I know, who actually choirs on their church, butterfly with men behind their husbands. Sometimes I think that they just find the church their frustrating haven. They cannot be on the mainstream, so it's the place where they can sing and think they are better, this is a place they teach and share their belief because these are not the general crowd that can listen regardless if t is wrong as long as you put the words :"Lord, hallelujah,praise" then it's alright. This s for some and I am not saying generally. I just hate t, when people I know from the church sends me worships texts wherein I know the fact they are sinners themselves, I just find it hypocrite when you beat someone and go to church praising God. enlighten me. thanx
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• Philippines
25 Mar 12
What you have said in here is a real picture of the reality, happening in many parts of the world. In churches, in homes, in the christian circles, to people, and others. These are things that we observe and which makes us think twice why is this happening. That is the reason why many people look at christianity as something like the world. We cannot distinguish the difference of the two. However, I hope that the things you've seen and heard will not be a hindrance for you to keep your faith in Christ, who is perfect and is not a critic like most of us. Religion doesn't save but Jesus Christ saves. There is no imperfection in Him. No sin that we can talk about. Only love for you and me.
@luisaR (452)
• Philippines
29 Mar 12
yes religion doesn't save so it is not important on where religion u belong or if you do not have. It is your faith that will save u. Sometimes I think the the being active or ministries is a good insanity.
• India
29 Jun 12
Actually you are partly right. I have to agree don’t some people are just like that, even on other religious. Let’s just move on but let us not forget that these arrogant hypocrites are also people and just needed to be redirected and console that what they are doing is plainly offensive. There’s nothing wrong being so Divine but when you are using a church for your own sake, bad.