Sean Payton suspended for the 2012 season!

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March 21, 2012 9:02pm CST
I think this is insane! I don't think he should of been suspeneded at all! Fined yes but not this! So he told defensive players to target players on offense,like the QB's, and try to take them out! Then reward this players with money. I am sure ths has been going on since pro footall started! New Orleans just got caught doing it and I think Roger Goodell is over reacting over this! So is this fair or not?
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23 Apr 12
I do not think so. They did not fine Bill Belichek for cheating a few years ago and that was a pretty big offense. I do not think that this was as severe as that and the most the should have happened was a big fine and maybe probation but that is it.
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25 Apr 12
Well Sean Payton is severing his suspension and it is a mess in New Orleans! Two other coaches ar suspended 4 and 6 games. I forgot the coaches names but they are felling in for each other when their suspenstions happen during the 2012 seaon! I thought Bill Parcells was going to coach the Saints for Payton. Not sure what happen there! Last night I heard the GM used to have a wire tapping system set up so he could hear the opposing teams calls while he was in his skybox before Payton was the head coach! The wire tapping system was no more after the Superdome was used to hold refugeess after Hurricane Katrina hit. The Siants are denying all this of course! With all the mess the Siants have gottan themselves into it is just getting deeper and deeper! The Saints are right now the must messed up and disgraced team in the NFL! Thank God I am a Packer Fan!
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22 Mar 12
Totally unfair. Hard hits and targeting players have always been apart of the game. I don't see how it matters that there was money involved.
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23 Mar 12
I will think this is totally unfair forever. I also want to know why aren't any players being suspended? Will there be players suspended? This is someof the things I don't understand. If the Saints did the bounty hunting why isn't any other teams been found out? Will there be any teams reported? This is not the end of the story!