carnivorous plants

@SIMPLYD (87140)
March 22, 2012 3:10am CST
Again on a TV show, the monster or carnivorous plants of the Philippines were discussed. They were said to be exported now, by a horticulturist of German nationality. Three carnivorous plants were shown ; 1. Venus Fly Trap - it’s a plant which has a mouth- like part , as big as 25 cents. When an insect accidentally comes into it, it closes right away , trap it and eat it. 2. Sundew – This plant has a long stem, which elongates up to 6 inches. It emits a dew like substance that glues insects. It’s a cute looking plant actually. 3. Pitcher plant – It has a pitcher like part as big as 2 to 15 inches. It has different colors , depending on the species. It catches the rain which attracts insects , thus when they fall into the water inside, they are trapped. Of the 3 carnivorous plants shown, I am amazed at the Venus Fly Trap. Imagine it having razor like mouth. Although, I haven’t seen any of those plants yet, but I wish to see one.
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@TheIzers (680)
22 Mar 12
I saw one 'the venus fly trap once when we were traveling to indonesia
@SIMPLYD (87140)
• Philippines
23 Mar 12
It was shown on TV and they look scary, with those razor like edges. They are said to be the one featured in Batman, though they don't really eat people, as what it was implied in the movie.