Have you had to deal with continued alcoholism in your family?

Denver, Colorado
March 22, 2012 4:00pm CST
I seem to be in the position again with having to deal with a family member with alcoholism. I've been active for over 30 years in a support group and it does help with the way you treat them and the way you see yourself. However, when you are disabled physically and they were the person who helped you, it creates a whole new set of problems. Having had an ex husband who was alcoholic and two children who chose to also take that path, it has and remains a constant challenge. Those three are in recovery from the disease and that is wonderful and helps when you deal with them. Now, here is another person and today he is in ICU and jaundiced. But I still have daily things to do and now alone, it makes it very difficult physically. Being honest, I have to say my thoughts are conflicted. It makes me sad that he chose to do this to himself, but it also makes me angry that he doesn't seem to see how he was hurting me. For now, I do one thing at a time and the best I can, but I will have to rely on others to help me with many things. Unfortunately, that means it will be at those peoples convenience and may never get done. Have you had to deal with continued alcoholism in your family?
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@savypat (20246)
• United States
23 Mar 12
Few families in the USA can stae that they have no contact with this problem. But what I am wondering is why you seem to have had an attraction for these needy people most of your life. What has this fulfilled in your life? We each attract others who will help us learn our life lessons, do you understand this? Can you look back and see the benefits in your life? Maybe the fact that this way of life is becoming so difficult for you, you have learned what you were meant to learn and now is the time to move on? I know how frustrating changes in life can be, but maybe this is your time and it's time for others to take your place with the care of the needy and for you to center on your own care? Give this a lot of thought and see if you can see some patterns there? Blessings