RBI's move to bring in smaller coins - unplanned or stupid?

@boyuancy (1709)
March 23, 2012 3:53am CST
Recently in India, (or just Delhi, I'm not sure) smaller coins were introduced. Now, the 1 rupee coin looks the size of a 50 paisa coin, a 2 rupee coin the size of 1 rupee coin and the 5 rupee coin is just a swollen version of the 1 rupee coin. The thing is, this was done while the bigger coins weren't taken off circulation. It is really confusing now, you can't judge coins based on size alone. If someone hands me a few coins, it takes me a good minute or so before knowing their worth. Does this happen to you? Do you think RBI's move to bring in smaller coins, while the bigger ones are in circulation, was stupid?
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@vandana7 (68722)
• India
24 Mar 12
The cost of alloy's gone up I presume..but kiddo sizes of coins have always been south bound - at least in our country, and their weight has come down too.
@5mahi05 (667)
• India
23 Mar 12
I too find it a little stupid to have done. I really find it rather embarassing to give anyone the change. Specially the 1rp and 2rp coins. I started feeling that these coins or this money has already started losing its value. i am okay with the 5rp coin because I like the gold plating on it and looks cute and different. I din't like the 10rps coin though. It looks like a toy to me.