my fish died

@verolop29 (1096)
United States
March 23, 2012 9:40am CST
I had my new fish for like 2 weeks and today it was laying in the bottom of its home. yea it made me sad...a little. My husband told me it was an old fish but im beggining to wunder if he told me that to make me feel better...hmmm. It was a beta fish i think its better know as a chineese fighting fish. I feed it and changed the water i even talked to him every time i feed him and he was always happy to see me. well..i think he was, because he would swim all around his bowl whenever he saw me. I think im not meant to have a pet. so now im going to try gardening. and see how that far its been a week since ive laid the flowers and tomate plants out in the ground. and they look good! next im getting roses to plant by my window.
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• Philippines
24 Mar 12
hi sad to hear about your fish. well there are many factors that could have affected your fish. you may have fed it more than the prescribed amount. as what my parents told me never feed your fish too much since it could kill them. get another fish im sure youll take care of it even more.
@wittynet (4131)
• Philippines
23 Mar 12
I also felt sad when I read your post. I also had fish pets, but they're gold fish and red cap. You are correct. They know if there are people around, and they also know when you're about to feed them. I think most of fish pets have very short life span. In my case, I think I bought gold fish and red cap for more than 10 times in one year because they die after few weeks. Why not try buying another Beta fish?
@verolop29 (1096)
• United States
26 Mar 12
aww thats soo sad :( and yes im going to buy another betta fish and this one will be famale!
@almond24 (1250)
• Hungary
23 Mar 12
I'm sorry to hear about your fish I had some betta fish too and they didn't live a long life... I read and tried everything to learn how to care for them, but still... unfortunately they are very sensitive. I don't have a garden, so I just grow plants that can be kept inside. Having roses by your window sound lovely!
• India
23 Mar 12
I know what it feels like to miss a life that was part of you. Everybody looses their pet someday or the other, it is ineluctable. But what matters more is how you treated it when it was alive. Gardening is definitely a great thing but why not bring another fish or maybe two this time cause you know they will have someone to care for them, why not love and care for creatures? They adore it and maybe deserve it more than some humans. Even a dog wouldn't be a bad idea as a pet! :)