How to handle the death of my cat

@Virgie60 (556)
United States
March 23, 2012 11:39pm CST
I am feeling so guilty, sad, and lonely because my cat (age 7 1/2 years) had to be put to sleep on Tuesday. I feel guilty because I guess she had diabetes and I didn't know it. But my husband kept telling me the cat was fat and that she needed to lose weight so now I wished that I would have tried to do more for her to lose weight. Even though I really do not think that I overfed her. I feel so sad and lonely without her here. I keep looking at the floor wondering where she is at. I only work part time so I am home more than the rest of the family and so being they were gone I used to talk to her all the time. I really, really miss her. I suppose time will help. Just wish that I didn't feel so guilty too. Thanks for listening.
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• United States
29 Mar 12
It's not your fault. How were you supposed to know she was diabetic. Lots of cats get fat. It will be hard but you will feel better soon.
• India
7 Apr 12
Hello friend, You are right my friend. I also agree with you. Have a nice day.
• India
7 Jul 12
You are right. Time works wonders. Time will indeed heal you. I still don’t understand why the cat was put to rest. Is it because she was fat? Or did she become ill? Have u considered getting a kitten. This will be the best remedy for you. A kitten will help you forget the other faster.
• India
7 Apr 12
Hello friend, It is very sad news. I understand that because I face the problem. Have a nice day.