What's your life goal? Eat or not?

March 25, 2012 10:12am CST
Sometimes, I ask from me that "Why are you live in this world? What do I must do for me, for my family, for our country and for the world.I think that I live in this world on order to eat."Eat" What does mean that to live happyly. If I have money and happiness I can eat a lot of nice foods, meals, fruits and everything.So, How about you? Someday If I ask this question from you,what will you answer?
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@enavnai13 (509)
• Philippines
26 Mar 12
I think my goal in life is to live and be successful in what I do.. Well to eat is also a part of it for I would surely die if I won't.. I don't want to live in problems, in poverty, I don't want to live alone.. I want to get married and have children, be rich, and happy..
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7 Apr 12
My life goal is eat. I am living, working and studying in this world in order to eat. "EAT" I will have a lot of money if I work hard. if I have enough money i will eat taste food. If I can eat taste food I will be happy.
7 Apr 12
thank you. I liked your opinion.have a nice day
@7Chords (98)
• United States
25 Mar 12
Although food is a necessity, I feel as if faith and music is what keeps not only my happiness but my sanity. You don't need money to be able to listen to music. According to composer John Cage, everything you hear or do is music, so as I am typing, this is basically music lol. I hope that my beliefs and love of music stays strong and remain impenetrable so that no one and nothing can take away my happiness.
25 Mar 12
Thank you 7Chords.I like your thought