it's raining here

March 25, 2012 1:53pm CST
Its raining here, I love the rain every time it starts to rain, me, and my nieces are at the window watching its so relaxing ...Anyone else loves the rain?
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@SomeCowgirl (32266)
• United States
25 Mar 12
It is windy and over cast here. I am hoping that it storms as it should put a hamper on people's coming to get groceries. I've got to go into work soon and really would rather stay home and earn. I know that'll change as soon as I get there and I'll be happy to be there. Yesterday it was stormy weather here, and I did enjoy that though it put a hamper on my online earnings. Rain is soothing to me.
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• China
1 Apr 12
Yes,rainy day is people loved.Do you like listening to the rain?I really like listening to the raindrops to the whereabouts of the voice,making people comfortable and peaceful!
@Micmac (9736)
27 Mar 12
Yup rainy days are my kind of days. I love to get drenched in the rain and let the rain drops fall on my hair on warm days. The rain makes me feel cozy at home and I like when it cools off the heat during hot weather. The air smells refresh as the rain washes out some of the smog.
@dodo19 (34295)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
27 Mar 12
I also really enjoy rainy days. It's really relaxing and enjoyable to watch, and such. I've always enjoyed rainy days.
@mystone (42)
• Indonesia
27 Mar 12
I do love rain, but not a very heavy rain with storm and thunder. Especially when the rain comes after a very hot day, I love the smell of the dry soil being exposed to the rain water. Rain makes me relax, and sometimes sleepy too... :D
@Kojigirl (188)
26 Mar 12
I love the rain, too. Unfortunately, currently we in Britain are experiencing a drought that has gone on for a couple of years and water levels are really low. I'd love some rain, but it doesn't appear to be happening here at the moment. Don't suppose you could send us some? Thought not.
@dharanil (319)
• India
25 Mar 12
Hi! Me too like rainy days but here it's summer season now, we have to wait over half a year for rainy season. Enjoy! Happy rainy days!