what's your favorite need for speed games?

March 25, 2012 11:42pm CST
need for speed is one of my favorite games beside age of empire, warcraft, empire earth and command and conquer. have you ever play all of series need for speed. just one that all of series that i like. It's NFS Underground 2. it's an old game. all gamers hope that NFS will release sequel of Underground 2. but we don't know what EA will release next after NFS the run. This is the reason why i like underground 2. first, there are modification, who likes automotive sure like this game because there are more design and kits that we can put in our vehicle, second, no cops, allof NFS serier provide cops except NFS Shift and NFS Shift 2. since EA release NFS Carbon it seems boring, there are many chases and no changes, except NFS Hot pursuit 2010. i think Hot pursuit is not boring, because all of vehicle provide a weapon when chases with cops, third, this game have all types of event such as sprint, circuit, drag, drift, etc. so how about you, what series of NFS do you like and why you like this series?
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• India
23 Nov 12
my favourite need for speed game is nfs most wanted it was the best game in the series..i wish most wanted 2 would not disappoint like nfs run.
27 Sep 12
I love need for speed underground and need for speed most wanted very much.Because in underground entire game is in night mode and scenario of cities in night is very cool than days.
• Egypt
26 Sep 12
i like need for speed most wanted and resident evil and alone in the dark
• India
3 Sep 12
I Like NFS The Run. it's awesome game. http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/2697213.aspx
20 Aug 12
I like all Need for Speed games in PSP. I like the designs, cars, themes and the action of driving famous and expensive cars. Need for Speed SHIFT is 98% good.
@Gemblex (10)
1 Jul 12
I like Underground 2, Most wanted, and Carbon
• Lithuania
13 Jun 12
If you ask my opinion, i would like to say, that NFS is best racing game ever. It has many differences like new shift 2 and the run. They are both different. but i like them both. Shift 2 is more realistic game, like simulator. and frok older NFS games, i like Underground2 too. Because it has many "tuning" place, have many cars. And freeroam.
• India
13 May 12
the best game ever in need for speed is nfs 2 which is the old version and most wanted is one which is the best of all the nfs games
29 Apr 12
need for speed the best
@superbadx (484)
• Malaysia
18 Apr 12
The best need for speed games i have ever played was the need for speed most wanted. The coolest is their police car. Love it ! I have been playing need for speed since i was little like 5-6 years old and i have like them all the way until i am 18 years old now. They are like the best car racing games i have ever played and they are the legend of their genre.
7 Apr 12
Need for speed is one of my favorite game that i played earlier... Need for Speed most wanted is the most favorite among all the others.. its graphics, Gameplay, Controls everything is surprisngly perfect than the earlier version.. I really enjoyed a lot , and also completed the whole game within a month or so..
• Indonesia
7 Apr 12
Need For Speed Most Wanted is the best. I like this game because this game very attractive and the gameplay+graphic is awsome
• Australia
26 Mar 12
NFS U2 is a pretty good game but personally, despite what others say, my favourite NFS game is NFS ProStreet. I don't really know why I like it so much but it's one of the few games that I can start the story over and over and not get bored after a long while. NFS Most Wanted is also amongst my top games because it's a classic and has got the works: Good selection of cars, supercars, customisations to all of the cars, a nice simple but effective story and cops that are fun but not annoying.
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
26 Mar 12
Lol whats NFS with no cops? Most Wanted is the best you got freeroam, car parts, pursuits and few different kinds of races. Carbon is ok too since it is supposed to be a sequel to Most Wanted