Un-Neighborly Neighbors!

March 26, 2012 4:30am CST
In the last couple of years my neighborhood has filled with mostly illegal immigrants. I have waved, nodded and smiled, said hello and so on, but rarely get more than a blank stare in return. I can handle them not being exactly social, but they play LOUD music all the time! Some days there is a 4 hour window in the night time when it is quiet! When do they sleep? I tried to avoid calling the cops about the music unless it was absolutely unbearable. I stopped bothering because they start up within 30 minutes of the police leaving. Now, I have people coming and making it sound like they are trying to break in my door, hitting the sides of my house and throwing things at it. I called the police the first time I heard this and it only got worse. I am afraid to call anymore because I am afraid that it will make them harass me even more. I can't exactly afford to move right now and if the police can't fix it, what do I do?
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@silverfox09 (4727)
• United States
27 Aug 12
I would not like to be sleeping and then suddenly hear music in the middle of the night . I dont think they would be very social because they are illegal and may think you will give them up but why they playing music so late . They are asking for trouble , and why would they try breaking in your house . I am sorry they would be harassing you like that, and if the police cannot help I dont know what I will do in that situation .
• India
4 Jul 12
Oh my! I am very sorry. It must be so frustrating having to put up with this. I think you should be more careful. Do you not have a man friend who can go and talk to them on your behalf? Sometimes all it takes is talking. Did you try talking to them befor