why is so many church denominations today? why?

@atwilson (540)
March 26, 2012 8:03am CST
recently, i observed that in my country, there are so many church denomination. They are charismathic, orthodox, Jehova witness, etc. I wonder why this happens. What do you think guys? what is the reason? we should UNITE.. why this happens?
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• Philippines
29 Mar 12
Well, maybe it is just one of the signs of times. Many will really teach and preach a variety of beliefs. Many want to let their own opinions be heard. For us not to be deceived just ask wisdom from the Lord for He will graciously give wisdom to those who may ask for it. May the Spirit of God make us all know the answer of this question.
@atwilson (540)
• Indonesia
29 Mar 12
Hi keshlois. Yes may God wil give us the way. But, what is the common reason that you think about this? when did it happen first? i always wonder and wonder. please share. thanks. :)
• India
6 Jul 12
There are very many church denominations and this is very wrong. Most churches have become a place of business rather than a place of worship. If God came right now he would be so pissed off. The answer as to why there are so many is not clear. I doubt i
@redhotpogo (4397)
• United States
28 May 12
Because sometimes churches try to change the word of the bible and trick people into doing things how they want them done. When someone catches this they usually leave and start their own church to return to the real word of God. And sometimes it is the opposite and people don't like what is in the bible so they start their own church so they can teach things their way. I have a problem with many churches. I call myself a Christian, but I do not belong to any church. I read my bible and that's that.
@MyLifez (54)
• United States
7 Apr 12
I think over time that people have lost sight of the Spirit of God and got caught up with tiny details and differences of opinions (human stuff). It might take a big crisis for everyone to realize that we are all more united than what we might think. I guess what comes to mind is our government parties (republican and democrat) that truly came together for a time right after Sept. 9, 2011. They put aside all their differences and for a time realized they really were on the same path. So I guess maybe the best thing to do is to understand that, although we may have what seems to be important differences, when push comes to shove the differences are really fairly superficial and we are united at the deeper and more important levels.
@voracious (624)
• Philippines
3 Apr 12
Why is it so many churches? The answer is simple. Because those religious pastors wants your money. In other religious groups if you don't give any contributions they will excommunicate you. Some churches they offer religious services with a fee which is against the bible. Other religious groups asking for your 10% which is compulsary to their members. If we read the bible, they mentioned only 1 church which is church of God as the true church not the Catholic Church, Jehova's witnesses, INC, and etc because they are false religions teaches the commandments of men.