how to choose a good baby sitter?

@atwilson (540)
March 26, 2012 8:13am CST
nowadays every body is busy. Parent may lose the chance to take care of their children because of alot of work. If you may choose to recruit a baby sitter, how do you determine she to eligible? is there any requirements?
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• India
6 Jul 12
Choosing a sitter for your child is a very sensitive decision. In my country there are companies that deal with sitters and we go to them whenever we are in need of sitters. If you don’t have these companies you can choose a sitter based on advice from fr
@tkonlinevn (5784)
• Vietnam
21 May 12
I don't. I don't like work with kids whole day. baby sitter is a hard job. You mush have a good healthy and strong to do that.
@youless (94251)
• Guangzhou, China
1 Apr 12
It depends on how old the children are. If the children are little babies, then I would like to hire a babysitter who has her own children. Since she will have more experience to take good care of babies. And since she is also a mother, then she shall be kind to others' children, too. And I expect that she understands this job so well and she can be patient to a baby. If the children are at the school age. I like to hire a babysitter who is younger. As she may know how to help my children to finish the homework. And she has a better education. And she is also energetic to play with my children. I love China