Personality Tests in Job Applications

@talfonso (246)
United States
March 26, 2012 10:05am CST
Personality tests determine what as individuals are we in character and community contributions. Some people use it for fun while others use it to see if the person is the right type. Speaking of the latter reason, many retailers and restaurants are using those tests in their job applications to see which applicants are just right for the jobs they applied. I had many encounters with the types of tests. Whenever I apply to a fast-food chain or bookstore, most of the time I had to take a Unicrazy/Krudnos test. (I altered the names of the companies to avoid legal issues.) Sure, I pasted my resume, listed my references, told them that I didn't commit any crime, and all that stuff, but this? I heard a lot of scathing about the tests by people who applied for jobs with the, and had no success. I too feel that they are biased. If someone answers the questions honestly (such as tardies in school, putting a lot of effort, looking for something else to do once a task is completed), he or she would likely not get the interview or even the job. I have to lie to pass it and it's sinful to do it, but I needed that job stat. To add insult to injury, a lot of disability advocates (like me, since I have high-functioning autism) criticize the questions because they seem to single out disabled or mentally ill individuals if they answered honestly. I believe that if the Care Bears ever existed in real life, they'd pass the tests easily and get the jobs they wanted! Fortunately, I'm applying for volunteer work, which does not include any of those tests and requires only a good attitude in giving back to the community. I'm also working in network marketing, which also does not include such a test. So, have you applied to any store or restaurant with those tests in their applications? Did you have any success with it? How biased are the tests in your opinion?
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