is there any legit site that is offer & surveys ETc.. that will acctualy pay

@lowyder (282)
March 26, 2012 2:26pm CST
well ive been scammed almost all times ive signed up and put my effort to the site so im wandering is there site that offer survey offers like cash crate i just have issues with that site wont let me update my password and wont let me sign in so i cant go there i knnow people who hsave done offers there and they are 20$$ EACH .. and no credit card was needed i would love to find a site or sites that are legit with easy ways to make money not byu making ebooks and spamming people to sign up for this and that..
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26 Mar 12
I know offers surveys. Not every survey pays, but I have had a couple of payouts from them. I forgot what the amount you have to have to payout. You can check synovate and neilsen.