What did you feel when kissed?

March 26, 2012 11:40pm CST
I think everybody knows kissing. Now, try answer me in your heart. What do you want to show if you kiss someone? What do you feel then and do you want someone kiss you? What is the kissing such kind? What is the big reason of the kissing? What is the effect of the kissing? I guess the word will often say is "love". I guess love is kiss. Kiss means love. Is that right? It's happen between our parents and us. Our grandparents and us, our friends and us. and,,, our beloved and us. My question that I want you share me some answer, What is the weakness of kissing? *_*
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• Philippines
30 Mar 12
It really feels good to be kissed by the man you truly love! Me i love kissing my boyfriend. I love him so much!
• India
28 Mar 12
to be honest when any one of u r lover kisses u u feel like in heaven
@blue65packer (11835)
• United States
27 Mar 12
I have not been kissed in so long I can't rememeber how it feels! I probaly will never be kissed by a man again. I have not dated in 19 years and plan never to again! Men are not what I need in my life! Men aren't worth the time and money! I have had way to many jerks and lots of fellows in my life needed to "find" themselves! I rather kiss a woman then a man again! Men are to much trouble! Way to much trouble for me! So is love!
• Philippines
27 Mar 12
well kissing for me has a lots of meaning. It depends upon the situation. i.e: If you are kissing your man, of course it is because you love him. If you kiss your parents, that is to show respect. If you kiss your child, its because you love him and you are happy to be with him. When you kiss a friend, it may be a form of welcome or form of saying hello especially if you didn't saw them for a while. there are lots and lots of ways and meanings of just one word "KISS".
• China
27 Mar 12
i hold the view that kissing is great feeling because of you loving her .but you want me to tell something different.As you know,kissing stranger maybe infect some terrible disease,so it is the worst problem about kissing,and from other side to discuss this topic,kissing show you desire to others,so if you kissing stranggers,especially handsome or pretty ones,maybe he or her will misunderstand your meaning~that's all