do you believe about superstition???

March 27, 2012 1:02am CST
walking under the ledder, take a photo in 3 people, and number 13 is misfortune number, what do you know about the statement. yeah these all about superstition. superstition is a belief in supernatural causality, that one event lead to cause without any process in physical world linking the two events, in my opinon i believe about superstition because in my custom as bangkanesse all of people belief that. lucky or misfortune people is depends of what are we doing, but not all people believe about superstition, and how about you, do you believe about superstition? and give me a reason.
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@nyang1984 (464)
• Philippines
27 Mar 12
when i was i kid i used to believe in superstitions. but when i joined some church organization and seminars my thoughts about it was changed. but with all due respect to elders our grandparents i never contradict on what they say cause i don't want to argue with them but doesn't mean i believe in it.