who is safe and who is not

Calgary, Alberta
March 27, 2012 10:54am CST
In messageboards last year's winner is predicted through the number of twitter followers of the contestants but its not really 100% accurate since some of the followers are not from America. It didnt work for X-factor though, since the 2 people with the highest votes gets eliminated. though the people with the lowest votes gets voted off regardless of their performance. I researched the number of twitter followers of the remaining top 9 contestants, these numbers could declare who is safe or who is not but not all times, since not all of thew followers are from America and we know only Americans vote. Twitter charts predicted who will be voted off and whole will win American Idol last season but not for X-factor. But this could give us a clue on who is safe or not. My source are the original twitter accounts of the American Idol top 9, this may declare who is screwed and who is not. I will update this weekly. rankings may change depends on the hype they can build. from highest to lowest as of today : Colton 92,146 Heejun 86,574 Phillip 80,923 Jessica 69,694 skylar 33,042 Deandre 31,601 Hollie 30,700 [b]Elise 23,903 Joshua 23,544[/b] I am not saying this is how this season will turn out, since some of the followers are outside of the US and some Americans dont have internet but somehow, I think people at the bottom are very vulnerable, they were in trouble.
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• Philippines
27 Mar 12
Hello Captain Albert, What the? that's gotta be one sick Joke! Heejun is second. they are never going to get rid of this guy very soon. it's sad that Jessica Sanchez had to join American Idol, when there is not much of a strict with the contestants and then low votes because the teens are dominant.. I guess there isn't much viewers now on the idol
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• Calgary, Alberta
27 Mar 12
On the postive side about heejun, that could be ground breaking American girls finds an Asian guy cute, It may open doors for Asian males soon. he may not be the best but heejun might open doors to Asian male singers who are better than him but yeah, he is not giving his best and I think he is there for an acting break not a singing break. he is like there to get a role in a sitcom. Yup that is their exact twitter followers as of now. who knows it may change tommorow Jessica may still have a chance, by showing personality and have the judges side with her. Teengirl votes had been defeated before... when the adults declared a voting war againts them...
• India
16 Jul 12
I think in general it is almost impossible to tell who will be safe and who will be eliminated. The entire voting process is unpredictable. Consider the amount of texts sent in, multiply by how many times you cant text in. Now how many people will vote? Now factor in Twitter? It seems fairly impossible to predict the winner thru this method alone.