what you have gained from mylot except money so far?

@Manasha (2317)
Pondicherry, India
March 28, 2012 7:29am CST
Mylot has become wonderful site for all online lovers. I too have enjoyed a lot by earning, learning, and sharing. However, some people say that they are not interested in mylot owing to small money they earn here. Except this issue,other features are world class here to my observation. Hence, I love to participate here every now and then as this site has been helping me a lot on my career. I have gotten my issues solved here by the mylot members. If money is the only goal for some people then this site would not be fine for them ..what you say?
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@Porcospino (18396)
• Denmark
28 Mar 12
The most important things I have gained from Mylot are friendships and knowledge about other countries and cultures. I have never found another site where so many different countries are represented, and that is the things that I like the most about Mylot. The members of Mylot are very different, and I think that is a great thing, because that gives us the chance to interact with people with different backgrounds, experiences and opinions. I have gotten great some great advice here and sometimes when I have asked for opinions about a topic other members have mentioned things that I hadn't thought about and they have given me a different perspective.
@Manasha (2317)
• Pondicherry, India
28 Mar 12
yes I too have gotten many friends here. This is exclusively fine and superb because all are helping me .
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• Philippines
18 Apr 12
It's a great feeling when you find a site that have members from different nations helping each other. Everyone shares their experiences sincerely and you learn from them...and they learn also from your own experiences. Gaining a lot of friends is also another thing as pointed by Manasha. It's one of the coolest sites I have ever been involved with...even if the earnings are not that good, I'm satisfied using mylot and would encourage others to do the same :D
• Calgary, Alberta
14 Apr 12
Troll free discussions, I am a member of multiple messageboards and forums, what i hate about those communities are trolls. Admins are not banning the trolls.here in mylot, once you reported a troll their post will be deleted right a way and if they kept on trolling their accounts will be banned, It feels good when trolls are getting banned and punished. I love mylot because of their strict rules.
@skjee10 (438)
• India
29 Mar 12
Hi,manasha,i can recharge myself in mylot.When i feel little low,i came to mylot,browse through different topics,took part in various discussions.It automatically lift my mood,mylot is a really good site for knowledge,learning,friendship. I love to be here in mylot again and again. Happy mylotting.