Call of duty killed diversity in videogame genres

Calgary, Alberta
March 28, 2012 1:32pm CST
I hate the influence this videogame started to industry. This series started at the ps2 era. Before this game became totally massive, There are many niche games titles,there is a diversity of game genres. This merchandise is like the Justin Bieber of the Videogame world, Its so overrated. Its a 1 note uber generic brainless shooter. at least Call of duty didnt kill fighting games. Because of this game, Most game producers became obessed to make a Call of duty clone to the point that Ps3 and X-box 360 era have lost diversity in game titles. Because of this games many genres of games died, cos game developers have a mindset that if its not a generic shooter, no one will by it. because of this game 2 of the most prominent survival horror game series are not scary anymore cos they were turned into Call of duty clones too.this game killed the survival horror genre and I wont be shocked if this kills "hack and slash genre too" because of this game, The "fixed camera angles" in many action and horror games are gone. The 2 major game genre's now are "generic first person shooter" and "generic over the shoulder 3rd person shooter" Video game producers, stop cloning call of duty. Let the fans of call duty play call of duty. Just make new ground breaking games. also dont make established game series into Call of duty clones, geez, betraying an established fanbase to attract call of duty fans... --- I have a feeling that ps4 era will fully lost game genre diversity cos everything will brainless shooters. This game is also blamed for the decrease of female protagonist in some video games.
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@petersum (4526)
• United States
28 Mar 12
I'm certainly not a gaming enthusiast, but reading through your post, I can agree with everything you said! PC games are particularly limited today, both in content and hardware requirements. What ever happened to the wide variety of games we used to have? I used to have more than 600 SNES and GBA games. Does anyone have that many games for the modern platforms?
@SomeCowgirl (32271)
• United States
28 Mar 12
I've played call of duty ONCE and did not like it. I knew I wouldn't before I played it and what little I played it I just hated it. I would much rather play a tom clancy game, as i enjoy those much much more. Those fans who like call of duty still deserve the game, but tom clancy games needs to be more. We still have wonderful games.
• Calgary, Alberta
28 Mar 12
I am pissed off that during the ps2 era there are so many choices of games from different genres but on this gaming era, videogame shelves are bombarded by shooters. Game developers lose their confidence in other genres. I also hate that some established games that is not Call of duty are trying to be call of duty.