Palembang, Indonesia
March 28, 2012 8:53pm CST
reading is my favorite, I really like to read a useful article for me, for example, articles about health, sports, hobbies, arts, tourism. but now I really like reading e-books on computer lessons, I'm learning that every day I also download the e-book to increase my knowledge. at my computer many kinds of e-book, sometimes I'm also confused, as most readings I got :D lol but in between I'm busy, I really love to read humor, it's enough to make me laugh, and relieve my stress for a moment: D and I started working, and I also started looking for an e-book as I read every day .. :) I think what I do is freak, lol what about your friends, do you also like to read e-book? e-book what you usually read?
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• Philippines
2 Apr 12
I love reading ebook too as it's mostly free. Ans I can just transfer it to my mobile so I can read it anywhere, very convenient for me. I usually read Chick Lit, Young Adult and zombie novels.
@Cherish14 (2695)
• Philippines
29 Mar 12
hi there, you are like my boyfriend, he loves to read and read and read especially if it is about his favorite sports and favorite basketball team hehehe he even bought Kindle so he can read anywhere, anytime. i am not really in to reading unless if i need to like when i study.
@veksinho (84)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
29 Mar 12
i do not love to read but i must read for almost every daysix to eight hours i learn for my low exam . i am student anda i do not like to read boring thing or books but i woul like to read something interesting if you could tell me some great sites to read hummor i would like to go on them end read thet jokes or something else ;)
• United States
29 Mar 12
I love reading, and yes, I am the obsessed "Hunger Games" fan.
@Archaiwy (599)
• China
29 Mar 12
Hi. I also like to read.,especially i am free and i am in a good mood. I like to read such books as talk about health, delicious food ,family ,hobbies.But i don't like e-books really.As my eyes hurt when i look at the computer screen for a long time.
@edxcast (1169)
• Ecuador
29 Mar 12
Reading is really a great thing a person can do. I think it´s a shame the newest generations can´t appreciate this. As for me I always liked reading. I do read e-books in fact I have a kindle touch. Currently I´m reading three books (I´m on vacations of college) which are Les Miserables, Divine Comedy, and The Toyota Way (an industrial engineering book about lean manufacturing).
• Indonesia
29 Mar 12
I like reading especially technology books/e-books, because I very interested to modern technology
@Mashnn (4503)
29 Mar 12
I would not say that I like reading but I do sometimes especially if I find something meaninful and interesting. I have not yet downloaded any e-book, may be in near future.
@succeednow (1637)
• Singapore
29 Mar 12
Hi bendygno, Yes, reading is indeed a very good habit which I think everyone must inculcate. Reading is very necessary to acquring knowledge. You can only learn so much from a teacher. You must learn to teach yourself and that can only be accomplished by reading and reading a lot and with discernment. Ebooks have many advantages i.e. inexpensive, saves space, portable, conserve environment etc. The only snag I think is getting used to reading on a screen as opposed to paper. But I think ebook will get more popular as technology improves. Just my thoughts.
@dodo19 (33989)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
29 Mar 12
I really enjoy reading as well. I find that it's very relaxing, and you can learn something while doing it. I usually will read an actual paper book. I just find it easier to read. It does hurt my eyes as much. It's just what I personally prefer reading, either way.