Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 379

@alphenor (687)
March 28, 2012 9:42pm CST
SUMMARY: Tsunayoshi Sawada, along with his Guardians Gokudera, Yamamoto and Sasagawa, and allied family's boss Dino entered as Reborn's Representatives in the Representative Battle, a battle which lifts the curse of the winning team's Arcobaleno. Tsuna managed to forge an alliance with Byakuran (Team Uni) and later on with his father, Iemitsu (Team Collonello). Sasagawa was defeated by Kyoya Hibari (Team Fon) and Tsuna had a fist-punch reunion with his father. While guarding Team Uni, Team Reborn were attacked by Kokuyo Gang (Team Verde) in the second round of battles. In the middle of the fight, Collonello tried to attack all three teams from far away. This resulted to Team Uni losing the battle and Team Verde retreating to avoid casualties from their team. Team Fon also lost during this round when Hibari broke his boss watch when fighting Xanxus (Team Mammon). Meanwhile, Vindice showed up and brutally defeated the Shimon Family (Team Skull) and stole their battle watches to participate in the Representative Battle. Shortly after this, each of the remaining teams are attacked by a Vindice member. This chapter: When the Arcobaleno got back to their respective teams, Vindice retreated. Every team except Reborn's was badly injured and Team Collonello was eliminated from the battle. It seems like Vindice possesses an incredible power that it can deal great damage to a team. Now, before the chapter ended, Reborn said that he found a new representative. However, his representatives (I don't know if Dino also) don't know this yet, since Tsuna and the other two guardians were already asleep. INSIGHTS: Since the teams left are those of Reborn, Mammon, Verde and Vindice' Bermuda, it will be likely that Team Verde will be defeated, since Mukuro is Tsuna's guardian. In the end Team Reborn and Team Mammon will team-up against Vindice. WHY? Because Xanxus wants a rematch with Tsuna. Simply like that. If Team Verde won't be defeated, then it will result to a three-way battle. Mukuro is anti-Mafia, remember? [b]How about you? Any insights about this battle? Do you have any sort of disappointment regarding the series of events?[/b]
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