Do you modify your computer or just get it done in repair shops or repairmen.

@deodavid (4150)
March 29, 2012 3:40am CST
Hi there guys, hope everybody is having a blast lotting today, Well i am having a great day, here is the thing me personally i have never brought this laptop of mine to a computer repair shop or sent for a repairman to do it i have always cleaned it up myself and done modifications on it without any hassle, but for some like my girlfriend and my sister they have taken there' to shops and after a while my sisters laptop is now mine and my girlfriends well after 2 years i ended up fixing it too, nothing fancy just adding RAM to it reformat and installation of software. Im no technician or expert but in my opinion if you really just take care of something and you just put a little effort into i think you will not need to bring it to shops or have others repair it for you and you'll learn a thing or two by caring for your stuff. How bout you guys you had your computer serviced or you regularly do it on your own?
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@agrim94 (3811)
• India
30 Mar 12
hi i brought this laptop about couple of years back and unfortunately even in first year everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. Dell people changed its DVD drive, then they changed its Ram, hard drive, mother board and reloaded its Windows 7. Since then it never worked smoothly and even though it is I3 it hangs a lot. So totally dissatisfied from their product i declined to renew the contract for service and since then i have had to reinstall the windows but i did on my own without paying them 400$ which they wanted to renew service contract. I spend 1000$ and got a new laptop from usa only couple of days ago which is much bigger and faster than this .
• China
30 Mar 12
I often learn to deal with the computer when it doesn't work.But when it is so serious that i can't repair that.i have to send it to the shop.Of course,you will learn lots of things if you deal with the computer yourself.from my standpoint,the computer is most important in our daily life.besides,it is powerful but sometimes it will not'd better learn to do it yourself.Good day!
@lowyder (282)
• Canada
29 Mar 12
well my keyboard on mylaptop is starting to go some of the keys no longer work like question mark and arrows it is under warranty adn is only a year old i bought 3 year warranty the k key acctualy fell off now there saying the keyboard is broken on my fault i did nothing put my laptop in a very safe spot aftrer use it shouldnt have even had problems with it ... i used to do my own work on my desktop but i bought a compaq presario which acctualy malfunctioned big time and was beyond repair ...1000$ down drain lol so i bought this toshiba satelitte and it was 1500$ and now it now working right n wont be covered due to phsycal damage so i may rip it up and put new keyboard in myself justlaptops worry me id be scared once i opened wouldnt no what was what as a deskktop is way WAY easier to fix change anything inside lol Beat of luck ~!LOW
@Cherish14 (2695)
• Philippines
29 Mar 12
hi there, i haven't had my laptop fixed by anyone yet, so far. i do it myself like do the basics, scan and defrag and do the disk clean up. i was gonna have my boyfriend fix it but we didn't have time before he left for the states. my brother told me he can help me too by reformatting it but i told him it's okay. he knows how to do it but now, i feel like i am not ready yet
@stringer321 (3319)
• Kiryat Ata, Israel
29 Mar 12
Well , to avoid viruses and to run my computer faster and without the need of an anti virus , I decided to install another operating system that was free. Well , the instalation went wrong and my windows xp also couldn't load. Something went teribly wrong even I had followed the guide for the installation. I had no choice but to take the computer to a repair shop. Now , I think learning the hard way is not recommended even if the guide is easy and optimistic. I think that about computers , one must understand everything in depth before going to change something because you have to know the effects that will come on your computer. Technicians at least can fix the problems or diagnose them correctly and tell what to do but it will cost you money and earn them some or maybe a lot... I rather decide to keep it safe than say sorry.