External links with link shortner which pays is good on adsense enabled site

@rajeev075 (1936)
March 29, 2012 8:11am CST
I want to know whether the external links that follow my blog is allowed that the blog with adsense enabled? I mean to say i am member of a link shortner site and i want to earn much from it. As my blog is getting traffic and i had mostly putted the download links that is what reder of my blog is intersting in. Those links user click and get the file. I had hosted the file on google docs and other similar sites. I want to make money from it as i get less clicks from ads then the links. So if i get earned by links it would serve my purpose. But problem is that i don't know whether to put those links that lead to the link shortner which pays is compliance with Google adsense policy or not? Do any one tell me it is compliance with Google adsense policy?
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