Stop Blood presure

March 29, 2012 10:12am CST
Colleagues ,good evening here the matter is how to stop BP.the are are corossol that we understand the blood pressuring situations. some fact about BP *** 1.blood pressure sometimes tagged with anxiety or main root of bp is anxiety so we should neglect nervousness than make to reduce anxiety. 2.Bp related to health of heart.heart pumps many cup of blood for take care about it 3.Bp comes from tired body **** now key for you is how to stop BP 1.permanently stop eating junk food or make limit. 2.stop eating and drinking of sugar and coffee and alcohol 3.only use good edible oil like suffola. 4. don't give more gigantic work . 5. don't stop medicine suddenly 6.take suggestion and guidelines by physician as well as psychologist(not psychiatric). **** some creative medicines Yoga-do deep breathing, arda chandra viloma, and so on jogging- prepare for jogging ######
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@kumbri (4)
1 Apr 12
wow# $good dude$
1 Apr 12
yeah bp troblesome.
1 Apr 12
bp is that point people cant control but advantage is that they have opportunity to against fear
1 Apr 12
but how can we destroy panic attaks
• India
17 Jul 12
In our right now, we should be really concerned about taking care of ourselves, especially because we tend to eat a lot of fast food materials, and drink different kinds of beverages that are full of preservatives. This will cause different kinds of illnesses which includes high blood pressure. We must therefore maintain a healthy lifestyle because as the saying goes, “Health is wealth”.
• Philippines
6 Apr 12
Why stop the blood pressure? a human body cannot function without such mechanism. I bet what you meant to say was to stop abnormal blood pressures as such may result to alterations in the normal body functioning.