I think Franco has Robin...General Hospital

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March 29, 2012 7:17pm CST
I think Franco has Robin. Why? Franco has a thing against Jason. I believe it is cause Jason and him are half brothers or maybe twins and he has never been revealed until now but that is why he is tormenting Jason...Jason grew up the privledged and wealthy Quartermain and Franco grew up poor or something to that effect. So Franco tries to get Jason couple times this past year and fails. Then he tries to get to Jason by making him think he "you know what'ed" Sam (which I dont' think he did...just made it look like he did so it'd torment Jason) and that didn't work. Now, since no body was found at the fire of Franco's "office"...you know he is alive...and found another way to torment Jason...Robin. Robin was finding the protocal to save Jason...and Franco was stalking her and was there to kidnap her that night, unbeknownest that Maxie would be there and accidently start the fire, which only gave Franco a good cover and all. So..take Robin before she could give the protocal to Jason and then Jason would die. However, with the fire...he just kidnapped her and has her locked in a room as they have shown. Robin is close to Jason, and was saving his life....what better way to torment Jason than to take away his salvation? THe fire actually had nothing to do with it...just happened at the same time! Although I would like to see that happen...it could be that since no body was found for LIsa Niles...she is still alive.. and whoever has her...now needs Robin to do her medical work to save Lisa. I hope this isn't it as I am tired of the dead being brought back to life so many many times!!! What would you like to see happen?
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