Loosing Brain for Internet

United States
March 30, 2012 3:22am CST
Is there really something to people getting dumber because of technology nowadays? Are all those long hours on the internet causing people to think less and lose important brain skills? Everything is right there at our fingertips so how much are we really working our brains. Even kids are so used to computers that they don't even want to take time to solve simple school problems or read a book.
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• Calgary, Alberta
31 Mar 12
there are still side of the computer though that gives knowledge to people and enhances their skills. there is a side of it that makes us more productive and a side that makes us more lazy. Its a double edge sword. Computer is not really that bad and harmful, I mean people lose more brain cells with smoking and drinking.
• United States
2 Apr 12
While I value the traditional books and library, I am very thankful for computers. I would not go to the library the way I am able to just go to my computer. I think computers have opened up a new world of opportunity, especially with online school. I would not be able to be in college if it wasn't for computers.
• Lithuania
16 Apr 13
I don't think people lose brain cells while using the Internet. Though, I think their thinking becomes more shallow, they start to remember less, since they rely on the Internet so much. Of course it doesn't mean that everything should be remembered it instead of searching for it.
@superbadx (484)
• Malaysia
15 Apr 12
Technology is actually gives our brain more work to do. Like playing games, you would need to think about what to do next to win. Internet, gives us more knowledge about stuff mostly wikipedia which in fact i learn a lot of history and other stuff from there. The only downside of the technology is that it makes us lazy and really bad for our health. With everything is on our fingertip, we are lazy to even walk to a market that is just in front of our house. Other than that, it has a lot of advantage.