Can a extra beer save Mr.Mallya?

@Nigildas (169)
March 30, 2012 4:01am CST
Indian tycoon Mr.Mallaya, scrambling to raise funds to rescue his ailing Kingfisher Airlines, is considering selling part of his stake in flagship liquor business to Dutch brewery giant Heineken, I don know why he wants to sell a cash cow for a Airlines which is about to be bankrupt. Advertising liquor is prohibited in India so he can use his airlines Advertisement to make the Kingfisher brand popular. My doubt is will Mr.Mallaya be saved if we all start drinking an extra Kingfisher beer. He has been with us for all our good and bad times with his beer cant we help him by gulping an extra beer whenever possible. After all he is the person responsible for bringing back the things of Gandhiji to our mother land. This is one reason why i like Mr.Mallaya. Are u a Mallaya fan and why are u? And how else can we save him and his Debt-laden Airlines.
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