Very Touching Story

ahmad and fatima - this is ahmad and his wife fatima.they are both disabled but nothing can stop them from loving each other and have their own family.
@tipay26 (873)
March 30, 2012 11:24pm CST
I have here with me a picture of a couple with extraordinary story.They are both disabled. Ahmad 26, and his wife Fatima 25.Fatima is in a wheelchair with no feet while Ahmad has no hands.He eats by her hands and She walks by his feet.This couple proved that there is hope for all of us.she has no feet and He has no hands but what they did is remarkable.She was able to take good care of hes husband and so is her husband is taking good care of her too.They do all the housework without getting any help from others and that's amazing!!Here is their picture .pls share what you have in mind when you saw them in picture thanks. :)
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@almond24 (1250)
• Hungary
31 Mar 12
This is real love! While others give up after having smaller difficulties, they show that with love everything is possible. This brough tears to my eyes. May God bless them.
@donsky14 (5963)
• Philippines
31 Mar 12
That's really nice. This proves that love can really conquer all.
@asdomencil (4276)
• Philippines
31 Mar 12
It is very touching. This will only show us that we must not give up in life. People with disabilities continues their life, so to us too. They should become inspiration to us.
@Mashnn (4503)
31 Mar 12
This is what a true love should be. I am left speechless when I see this picture. God bless the couple abudantly.