What's your opinion about the "Hunger Games" movie?

the hunger games - a pic from the movie the hunger games
@laken02 (3067)
United States
April 2, 2012 9:09pm CST
What's your opinion about the "Hunger Games" movie? have you seen it? my youngest daughter wanted me to watch it with her last weekned when she came in to visit i told her we would but then realized my husband had already made plans to be out of town so she wanted us all to watch it together she we post poned it.. and i have no ideal what it is.. i know its a big movie and ive heard of it but not sure if its something i would like.. as my daughter has a very different taste them me.. so what is your take on it..
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@lady1993 (19979)
• Philippines
5 Apr 12
I have not seen yet but I am definitely planning to since most f my favorite actors and actresses are there. And I hear a lot of good reviews about it too. I hope a good copy comes by soon.
@stanley777 (7177)
• Philippines
4 Apr 12
I have not seen it yet since going to the movie theater is very expensive here- especially if it is in 3d or imax. But I did hear a lot of good reviews and the rating on the movie are quite high..So i will wait for a good copy of it and watch it.
@keihimekawa (2010)
• Philippines
4 Apr 12
I haven't read the book but have seen the film twice on the theaters. I love the movie though there are some parts in it which I find "Too Cheesy". The story line's wonderful though the ending is a bit "hanging" for me (since I know there are 2 more books to read after "Hunger Games"). I suggest you watch it with your daughter. The movie's, in some way or another, had an adventure and sci-fi feel in it so I think you'll enjoy it.