Ever Had That One Person That Just Annoys You To No Ends?!?!?!?

United States
April 2, 2012 11:33pm CST
Just got back from dance, and boy what a night. Got nowhere with our jazz routine, and our main team girl hurt her knee and might not be able to dance the rest of the season . But that's not what made me come home with a headache,and the thought of strangling someone. See we got this girl on our team, and is the most annoying person EVER!!!!!! I could keep you guys reading all night on story after story of how this girl acts but let's just talk about tonight. She comes into class wearing a tiara. That right a tiara. For no apparent reason. She thens spends the rest of the night talking with a British accent annoying the freak out of everyone. Our teacher, plus the rest of the team, told her countless times to SERIOUSLY KNOCK IT OFF!!!! And she just kept doing it. Trying listening to a " Hunger Games actress in training" go around talking in a bad British accent for an hour and a half, ya you would probably want to strangler her too. She was unfoucus on the routines, which slowed the rest of us down. Gosh, anyone else understand where I'm coming from. Everyone has that that one person who annoys them to no ends. Care to share,
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@dazzledlady (1619)
• Philippines
3 Apr 12
Hahaha! that must be an awful day for you. I dont know why but there are really some people who annoys us even if the joke is not directed at us or they are not doing anything bad. i cant understand what the annoying girl was after. Hmmmm maybe its the ATTENTION that she wants. Or she is just weird and thought it was funny and just want everyone to have fun out of her good heart.:P Calm down and dont stress yourself for her.
@megamatt (14327)
• United States
3 Apr 12
Yes many of them, throughout my life. There are far too many stories that really recount, as I seem to be like a magnet that attract the absolute most annoying people in the world. In my high school days, it seems like the most annoying students were seated around me in many of my classes, just as some weird social experience to see if I would lose my mind. Of course, there are many types of annoying. There are people who are annoying obnoxious and then there are people who think I'm sure that they are trying to be nice, but for some reason, they just rub me the wrong way. That is really bad, because even if they are annoying me, I can't really tell them off, because they aren't really trying to be annoying. Obnoxious people who are like real life Internet trolls, they are much easier to verbally smack down.