Lyra my Pitbull

our pitbull - a lovely one
April 3, 2012 10:16am CST
our pitbull named Lyra, she's so sweet, lovely and adorable.. she's so nice as if she's like a human knows when your angry, knows when you want to play with her, and everything you can talk to her when she's looking at you, as if she wants to tell you something lol. how many of you here have pitbulls? a show typed one? i don't know why some people misunderstood pitbulls. i'm not blaming them but i want to clarify that pitbulls or any other dogs are the same, they're stil a pet/ animal. it depends on how you treated them, actually for me human is the reason why some pitbulls/dogs became more aggressive, they used to bite humans. think people, once you hit them continuously they have no choice but to fight back. let them starve and hit them what do you think what happen next? am i right? :) its just my opinion and my observation its up to guys whats yours :)
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@allknowing (69560)
• India
5 Apr 12
Our pet dog Rana the Bull Terrier - Rana was the most affectionate of all our pets
We had one who lived for about 11 years. Initially it did give us trouble but later it turned out to be the most affectionate pet that we have had. It had to be hand fed right till the end. He loved all the cats around and played with them. This picture shows our pets sharing a meal together.
• Philippines
6 Apr 12
Wow that was very nice! Eheheyeah at first when they're stil a puppy it caused trouble when it runs all the furnitures move lol i remember when my dog lyra ran, the glass typed table in the center of living room it almost fall lol