Today I met my first teacher after a long time.

@vertu007 (683)
April 4, 2012 9:26am CST
I don't know if there are other countries out there that have this in their education system but in my country the first 4 years when you go to school you have the same teacher for every subject. Except religion I think and foreign languages. So she taught us math, our mother language, music, biology, history, geography at probably others. The most important thing she taught as was how to be good an honest people. I remember she had a lot of talks with us about the things we do and how we behave in school and outside. She loved us very much, she even made us come to school after classes to teach us how to learn properly for some subjects. She had a big impact on us, not just me because most of my friends are from that classroom we had for those 4 years. We kept in touch ever since and we are still very close. Actually even my girlfriend with whom I'm going to meet shortly was in that classroom. She was a person who implemented in out minds to be responsible, disciplined and hardworking, to think before we act and talk. I have a great deal of respect for her, and I was very happy to see her again. Actually I was thinking about her the other day. I don't believe in coincidences :). It's interesting how things work. Do you have someone in your life that had a big impact on you ?
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@GemmaR (8526)
4 Apr 12
It is the same in our country, we have the same teacher for all subjects for the first couple of years at school. My first teacher obviously had a huge impact on my life because she was the one who saw me through the first stage of school which is a massive change in the life of any child. I see her fairly regularly because she drops her little girl off at a babysitter's who lives down my road, so she has stayed in contact with me for the whole of my childhood and through my adult life so far, I hope I can keep in contact with her in the long term.
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• Italy
4 Apr 12
i'd like to meet my my english teacher, because i love her and the subject. i was very good in english and i was very happy for this. i improved my englih, when i went to Finland with my class. I was host in a good family.I love them.