Sacrifice inevitabl in family.

@deodavid (4150)
April 5, 2012 1:35am CST
Hey there guys, I saw this once on a show on TV in the news that a father were working all day in his regular job and was begging for money in his free time for his daughter's operation, a can with a print out of his daughter and her condition i think she needed back then a bone marrow transplant and chemo, and after a while he was reported on the news and help flooded so I think, a father doing all of that and also have a job was pretty unbelievable and very inspiring that a father will do everything in his power and breathe his breathe fighting to find help for his kid. Don't know anymore a bout that story but it happened here in my country and it was in the news, I think some lotters here maybe familiar with that story. Nice isn't it.
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@laken02 (3067)
• United States
5 Apr 12
that is very nice, of her dad he must really love her, and that makes her life a little better dont you think..i hope he ended up getting enough to give her what she needed.. i know here lots of people are kind and will help.. but then sometime we have bad deals going around and taking money by lying and pretending there sick so we have to always be alert here for scams.. i try to give when i can..
@indahfth (11173)
• Indonesia
5 Apr 12
A father, had a responsibility to his daughter. The sacrifice is not the right word. However, obligations and responsibilities. A good father would not feel self- sacrificing. However, the performance of duty, as a father.
@dazzledlady (1624)
• Philippines
5 Apr 12
Thumbs up to him. With all the negatives and harsh happening in the world, there will always be those instances to believe and still hope for humanity. Actions that would surprise us because it would take a great heart to do what they do. Stories like this reminds us that good people do exist and people can do almost anything if we believe to and strive for it for the people we cared for.
@pjha1975 (214)
• India
5 Apr 12
I think what this father did for his daughter's operation is very commendable & just amazing. I suppose if a parent, especially a father has that willingness & perseverance to do anything for his family, he will go ahead & do it... I do admire these kinds of people. They are in a zone of their own...