Sacrifice inevitabl in family.

@deodavid (4152)
April 5, 2012 1:35am CST
Hey there guys, I saw this once on a show on TV in the news that a father were working all day in his regular job and was begging for money in his free time for his daughter's operation, a can with a print out of his daughter and her condition i think she needed back then a bone marrow transplant and chemo, and after a while he was reported on the news and help flooded so I think, a father doing all of that and also have a job was pretty unbelievable and very inspiring that a father will do everything in his power and breathe his breathe fighting to find help for his kid. Don't know anymore a bout that story but it happened here in my country and it was in the news, I think some lotters here maybe familiar with that story. Nice isn't it.