Theres a bulb on the top of my head and it is not an idea.

@deodavid (4150)
April 7, 2012 1:52am CST
Hey there gang well i have fixed my apartment to a setup were in it is aesthetically and optimally in good looking theme everyday all week all the things that i do not need anymore is carefully tucked away for good keeping and avoiding eyesore, but there was one bad part and i think i cant do anything about it, I have a bulb on top of my head. And sadly it is not and Idea it s a bulb on top of my head, I have a loft for an apartment and the second floor is about 4 feet low the lower part of the apartment has an okay height but the loft, well I'm 5'8 and from there you can see my issue, and by having my bed setup on on its frame that is about 1 feet and 8 inches, really it is going to be a very low ceiling, every-time i sit on the bed well it is quite fine it is just this one bulb in the middle of the room, Ive gotten used to it but after the lent i think I'll just close that bulb socket and just put two lamps on the side of the bed so i will still have lights and will not cut my head hitting the bulb in the future.
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1 May 12
Well why don't you fix a CFL lamp on an angle holder on a wall, not on the ceiling, guess you will feel very comfortable there.. Professor