Anyone like deep Frying foods even though so not healthy and Beats Eating out

@lowyder (282)
April 7, 2012 4:36am CST
Well I just think Why not deep fry my own food at home like i buy big bag of chicken fries and a bag of regular fries and pogos (corn dog on stick) lol but i guess lots of things for late night snack when me and girlfriend get munch, so lately ive been using the deep frier since our oven went on fire and out landlord is to cheap atm to pay for a new one or even replacement part. ive noticed even potatoes are perrrrrrfect lol in deep frier i love it even though its not good for me i mean mcdonalds ,wendys,a&w,arbys,harveys...etc all those fast food places and grossnes on a bun places are, just i find honestly make me very sick so i do not go there very often anymore after eating out every day sometimes twice for a year it just get to a point but my point for this discussion is not to make everyone not want to read my post lol (2Long) but fried food is so yummy lol anyone else like deep fry at home VSfast food.. lol whats your fav food to have at home and any cool ,EASY recipes you can share to deep fry lol as can deepp fry anything even chocoloate bars!!! thanks if read it all looking forward to response thanks alot low~!!~
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@marie2052 (3697)
• United States
7 Apr 12
While we all like fried foods, there are ways to vary your foods to not have everything deepfried. I only deepfry catfish and fried breaded zuccinni and squash. Sometimes I will have mozzarella sticks. I buy them in bulk so by the time my son and I have them we don't want anymore for quite awhile LOL Vary your potatoes. Get fresh potatoes halve them and then cut in 4ths again in wedges. Get 1 tablespoon of oil, and 1 tablespoon of any seasoning you like (I found a packet for potatoes with bacon and chives) Place your potatoes in a ziplock bag drizzle the mixture of oil and seasoning over the potatoes in the bag close and shake and mix and coating your potatoes. Place on a cookie tray and bake for 15 minutes turn over and bake again for 15 minutes. I noticed you said your stove is out get you a small convection oven. They are about the same size as a microwave. Trust me get away from all the deep fat frying. While you may not notice what its doing to your insides now you will as you get older. Unfortunately I came from the era of fried foods. Everything seemed to come off the top of the oven and not the inside except Sweets come out of the inside of the oven LOL You can do white potatoes or sweet potatoes. And while they are not deep fried its a new twist and flavor to appreciate eating healthier and enjoying potato wedges. Hope you get your stove back soon. I would tell the apartment owner no rent til I get my new stove and just set the money back. Trust me he will get you a stove LOL Have a nice day.
@pacobid (71)
• China
8 Apr 12
Well,when I was a little kid,I love deep frying food very much because they are really delicious.My mother told me eating too much may be bad for my health.But i do not care about may be 1000 years far away.After i become an adult,i learn to control myself.I start to eat less deep frying food.Now I feel much healthier
• Canada
7 Apr 12
Deep fried food tastes so good and delicious but it is so unhealthy and bad for you. I don't do a lot of deep frying, maybe just every other month as I want me and my family to eat healthier. I just find healthier ways to make new dishes which don't require deep frying, you can instead bake it and make healthier...
@almond24 (1250)
• Hungary
7 Apr 12
I hardly ever deep fry anything, maybe every other month... Almost every fried food can be made in the oven, on a bakig pan with little oil. Even though it's not healthy, it is healthier frying your food at home than bringing it from fast food restaurants. At least you know what you are eating.
@marguicha (109251)
• Chile
7 Apr 12
Am I wrong or a deep fry pan (I don´t have one) is an electric pot that you fill with oil and fry food there? If is is, why don´t you also use it as a regular pot to cook veggies and steam food? You could first steam some fish (YUMMY) and cook some veggies and then clean the pot and fry your potatoes there. Yuo have a complete meal, you satisty your fat craving and everyone gains.