deny indrayana raids in pekanbaru prison

@adhyz82 (36263)
April 7, 2012 5:28am CST
1 weeks ago, Deny indrayana and team from Drug Eradication Task Force (BNN) comes to Prison of Pekanbaru prison and raid the purpose of the Drug Eradication Task Force team is one of serious effort to eradicate drugs in prisons. in raids there are peculiarities in which the prison wardens when knowing that the Deny Indrayana and his teamcoming, seem slow to open the gate. What's wrong with this? maybe the wardens hide something.. Mr deny and his team know that the procedure for making raids must be quickly, and angry with the situation.. there are two version. version from the wardens of jailers that Deny Indrayana hit one of the them (wardens) but from mr deny indrayana, BNN, said that the aide of Deny indrayana hit the wardens when feel that situation is not good for vice of Minister (Deny indrayana).. but iam so dissapointed when the mass media now only focus with the unclear news and forgot that the team of Deny indrayana had found the 3 suspected and one wardens which had positive result using drugs...
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@cieldz (711)
• Indonesia
7 Apr 12
Hahaha.. I thought that you talking about The Raid movie.. Sorry my bad.. :p It seems like the media loves to blow up a little mistake like it’s a huge mistake.. And they don’t appreciate for what the team got from the raid..
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