Missing the life in the suburbs

@deodavid (4150)
April 7, 2012 7:05am CST
8 years ago was the time that i decided to leave of on an apartment by myself, anyway our old house was sold anyway so that's fine by me so i kinda bounced off of one apartment to the other going to 3 different cities and have lived in 7 different apartments and was always living in a city kind of environment which was fine by me since i love the city very accessible stuff in the city, but living for 15 years in a village or local suburbs here in my country and being away from it for long you tend to miss the quite and the fresh air and having a pet around or just seeing people that most of you know, it was nice but i guess that will only come back when i build a home for my own family in the future, will make sure i build a life in a environment like that again.
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• India
17 Jul 12
Life in the suburbs can be a very fulfilling experience for most people especially for those who are from the middle to upper class status. It provides a life void of the cramped and over crowded life style of those who are accustomed to a life in the ghettos or shanty town experience.Many people work very hard all their lives just to be able to afford this dream of a life time.
• Philippines
8 Apr 12
i currently live in the city but not within the central of commerce. so t kinda like a village of my own since the place still look like plain and simple. so the way people live here still simple like the country living. so the city that s likely full of noise and vibrant could only found in those city located on the other map of my country. so do not miss both since my place is a combination of city and a village which is a good start for a family to enjoy.
@pacobid (71)
• China
8 Apr 12
I miss that kind of life too.I grow up in a small village.When I was young,I could playing around and enjoy the beautiful senery out there.Then I grow up.I go to clooege,find a jon and marry a woman.Although life in city is much convient,I still miss those days in my hometown.I know those days will never come back.How I missed it.But that is life.Life is a one-way journey.We have no regrets.
• India
7 Apr 12
Hai david, Several people are thinking now a days to settle in village. Here some of the builders are making big project and telling that you will get a peaceful life in this apartments. They are making artificial village in town. The people are need a home at quite place. The are going far away from the city life. Let the God help you to make a home in your home town. HaVE NICE DAY.