Molly went missing...

April 8, 2012 3:48am CST
we just purchased five balloon mollies and the next day one of them went missing,It was amazing since I put them in a smaller aquarium and I can't seem to find it and I know it is still alive because I know it will float once dead.And guess what...she came out the next morning with small baby fishes...I think 5 of 2 came ,baby fishes becomes 10...3 days after little aquarium is filled with more than 20 baby balloon mollies...
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• Singapore
3 May 12
Congrats on your growing aqua family although I would recommend for you to separate your fishes if you do not wish for the population of your fishes to multiply drastically in days. I once kept a couple of fishes and within weeks, they were producing baby fishes at the same rate as a musician pulling rabbits out of a hat. It was interesting and definitely thrilling to see new life spawned every week and it was fun separating all the fishes into different tanks.
• Philippines
6 May 12
thank you and thanks for the advise...will do that
• United States
15 Apr 12
I hope that you can get a larger tak to put your fish in as each month, the female molly will give birth to more babies. Even if there is no males in with her, she can store sperm from one mating for several months and give birth about once a month until the sperm is completely gone. If you have any male babies, they can mature in enough time to mate with their own mother or sisters. Good luck with your growing family.
• Philippines
15 Apr 12
hey oscar,thank you so much for this information.I really don't know and no idea about this but now I do...that is why...every day I seem to notice that they're getting more and new small ones everyday...thank you
@Fishmomma (11421)
• United States
23 Jul 12
I really enjoy tropical fish, as they really reduce stress watching them. Good luck and hope your no longer having lots of babies. I use to have Mollies, but my local stores wouldn't give me store credit for the babies, so I'm now enjoying Catfish.
• India
22 Jul 12
The size of Balloon Mollies makes them popular as aquarium fish. They are lovely to look at and brood in large numbers. Some aquarists use the little fish as feeder fish which pet lovers deem to be cruel. There are different types of mollies depending on what one likes. They however have a short lifespan.