teenage mutant ninja turtles

April 8, 2012 10:18am CST
I am currently watching this old movie in the TV. It's about the four heroes in the form of mutant ninja turtles who loves Pizza.They help the innocent people,they fight the bad people,the entertain the kids and they love April-the lady reported whom they befriend.I still remember them,Leonardo,Michelangelo,Raphael,Donatello.We Used to like them a lot and they just disappear in the TV but then watching now...I still love them.How about you? Do you still remember them?
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• India
23 Jul 12
The old movies always make me feel nostalgic. Things were so simple you didn’t have to worry about your parents catching you watching Ninja Turtles, but today we have to keep truck of what our children are watching. It is so bad that some animations are ex-rated. Wish I could go back to the old days when I’d just sit, relax and watch the turtles fight crime with my parents.
• Philippines
18 Apr 12
If you love Teenage mutant ninja Turtles, then you must be in your late 20's, like me. I love that cartoon series. My favorite is Michelangelo, probably because he was the fun type. Pretty Awesome. I loved the movie as well. All four of them are very different yet they work well together. This was part of my awesome childhood. Same goes for the old Batman series and X-men. Those were the days.
@leighz (457)
15 Apr 12
Oh I was a big fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When I was in gradeschool, I didn't miss an episode. I love them and their old guru or master, the old rat. I don't remember much of it though, but I remembered receiving a letter from these guys and I was so ecstatic, excited and anything you can imagine a hyper kid could be when she's happy. Only to find out when I became a teen, that it came from my mom's sister. But that really made my day.
• India
9 Apr 12
Hello,i used to watch episode of this..i think it was in a channel called jetix..it is very super..i don't remember the names of them..but i know that they are four turtles who are just like human,talk like human!!And they always fight against a bad guy!!i really liked it..but know i don't remember it!!i never saw a movie of it.. Happy Mylotting!!!
@cearn25 (3460)
• Philippines
9 Apr 12
I have seen that last night but I never really put my attention to the show since I am watching another. I guess I have seen that last week. When I have seen it, I thought they are just wearing costumes as ninja turtles but then they are true in the movie. They are the heroes. What made me laugh about the movie is because of their names.
@orang13 (723)
• Philippines
8 Apr 12
I am not really a fan of them though and I feel bad about myself about that. I guess they are really those personalities that one kid must know. But I am familiar about them because they were really that famous and well-known. I kinda like their names :) Great personalities indeed!