How do you feel today?

April 8, 2012 9:43pm CST
The end of week, the new day almost start, I slept the whole day... waiting the next day...
5 responses
@Micmac (8446)
10 Apr 12
Indigestion is bothering me today from eating bad food. Taking a couple of days to rest and get back in shape. I had to take stomach medicine for diahhrea. All this is giving me a headache and I feel weak. Time to just relax and take care until it passes and I can get back in order.
@almond24 (1250)
• Hungary
9 Apr 12
I have a headache since yesterday, but it's getting better. I drank a lot of tea and water. Feeling sleepy although I slept enough at night.
• Singapore
9 Apr 12
Having stiff neck, probably from sleeping posture. Don't feel like going to the office today, so I don't. Will work from home today. Lethargy is the word.
@victorkrish (1522)
• Malaysia
9 Apr 12
I think i gonna flat in a while, getting high fever. Hope i will be alright tomorrow, better feel.
• Philippines
9 Apr 12
I feel tired...although I slept much,I still feel tired..and I want to do is sleep like alone...and have a quiet moment alone.