Excellent Historical Movie

April 9, 2012 7:21am CST
This movie is really great !! One can watch this movie any number of times. War scenes and fights are excellently picturised. First war scene was simply thrilling !!
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• Italy
28 Mar 13
I totally agree, I've watched it few days ago and I was so much pleased even if watching it for the second time. The Gladiator is an epic movie, showing hystorical features of Rome, slave culture, the coliseum and it's very well made!
@nyssa102 (748)
• United States
25 Mar 13
This movie had many great lessons in it for me. I will be rewatching it for sure very soon. This was a film that has the ability to teach us about true courage and the energy it takes to battle evil. Sometimes, when you are going up against a power way more formidable that yourself, you just have to do the best you have with what you have. I know a little about this. I admire the character and how Russell portrayed him. Much to learn about in this film.
• Philippines
9 Dec 12
Gladiator is one good movie of all time. It can be thrilling and exciting movie. The movie is not boring as it shows the life in ancient time then... It is partly historical too aside from the moral lesson. Some scenes are heart-touching too... Good to know that you are into this movie's genre.
• Philippines
21 Nov 12
This movie really moved me and shed me to tears. one of the movies that has an positive moral lesson. it could help you reflect your self if you are troubled!
• Philippines
29 Jul 12
I have seen this one and it's really nice. Specially I love Russel! I can't get off my eyes from the screen it's exciting too! have you seen The Patriot starring Mel Gibson? You should try to watch it it's a heartwarming historical film. :)
@topffer (36642)
• Singapore, Singapore
25 Jul 12
Hi rangapriya and welcome to myLot, There are a lot of special effects making the first battle really thrilling, though it is not strategically good for a roman army : 1) to fight in woods ; 2) to have archers behind legionaries, not saying that the reach of the arrows is not realistic : passed an hundred meter a roman bow was not accurate.
• China
9 Apr 12
Are you talking about the Gladiator? What it attract to me most are the scenes of virious kinds of fights.Men vs men,men vs beast,both are exciting! And I suggesst you studying the history of Roma.You will find history itself more thriling than any movies.