Nutrition that Fights Cancer

@einerb (97)
April 9, 2012 10:13pm CST
Some research university claimed that being a low calorie food, eating popcorn reduces the risk of developing cancer. So maybe next time when watching TV or a movie forget other junk foods and focus on a healthy snack the fights cancer.
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@asdomencil (4276)
• Philippines
10 Apr 12
They say that eating foods not only for your self but also for the cancer cells will make them multilpy faster. According to natural foods that make your body temperature increase like sweets (chocolates, sugar, candies), hots (chili, fried, broiled or ay dry foods), as well as sour foods (vinegar, mango, pineapples and any other sour fruits) must be avoided if your have either malignant or benign tumors. Eating the said foods will make benign to malignant. The only recommended sweetener for cancer patients is honey, you must use the real honey.
• Philippines
10 Apr 12
I can't remember if chilis are included in the list. As far as I remember, you must avoid foods that make your body system hot. Also, you must eat foods that helps you detoxify your system. Acidic body system arae good environment for cancer cells. Eating green leafy vegetable could also help kill cancer cells.
@magtibaygom (4864)
• Philippines
11 Apr 12
The best alternative if you want to prevent cancer or fight cancer is, eat fruits coupled with fruit juices while watching TV, and not some junk foods and snacks sold in stores. The fruits and fruit juices contain natural antioxidants that can help our body prevents or fights cancer.
@almond24 (1250)
• Hungary
10 Apr 12
I guess popcorn is a healthy choice only if it is not loaded with sugar. There are many things that reduce the risk of cancer, mostly fruits and vegetables which are high in antioxidants. Onions and garlic, and apricot seeds which contain vitamin B17.