So recently Ive come to LOVE watching tv,but I can seem to keep up witth the

United States
April 10, 2012 7:29am CST
Shows,When I watcha show I love to watch it from start to finnish,but I get all jumbled up and end up missing a show. I know its easier to just dvr it BUT not everyone has dvr and we only have one in the house,so we try to limit between each of us so we all have room...For instance I love teen mom,not teen mom but 16 and pregnant and new season started,the entire time before i swore up and down I was ganna start watching it,and then when time rolls around I just forget.. The only way I remember to watch the shows I want to is to write them down on paper and look at it everyday to see what comes So my question is,do you have tv shows wich you watch on a regular basis,or somes you watch every episode of and dont miss one at all,or are you like me and scatter brained when it comes to keeping track of tv shows...
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• United States
10 Apr 12
I do have a DVR for that reason because I cannot keep up with all of the shows. Some people that I know just watch everything online because it's so hard to keep up with the television schedule. If I can watch a show, then I do, but if I can't, then I don't worry about it because I will be able to catch it later.
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• India
20 Jul 12
I am currently following a TV series called "bulls eye" and I am such a time keeper when it comes to timing it and being all set with my popcorn and blended drink. I think it’s easier for me because I live alone in my room, so I. It just happens when that TV series is approaching.