Dentist Yesterday

United States
@sassy28 (835)
April 10, 2012 8:58am CST
Had to go to the dentist yesterday and found out I needed a root canal and a crown done. When I got there I was told my tooth had absessed and this needed to be done right away. So I spent over two hours getting this taken care of yesterday, now my mouth is still sore. They did give me medicine for the pain and the infection. The paid medicine worked but did it give me a weird night. I did not get restful sleep and had many strange dreams that seemed like I was still awake. I am afraid to take them today at work for the way they made me feel. One thing is for sure I will never take any illegal drugs because I don't like the way the prescibe ones make me feel and I can't imagine what the others would do to me. Do you have a funny reaction to pain medicines?