Finding that little kid in me more and more everyday

United States
April 10, 2012 12:00pm CST
I have been told that I am a lot more mature than others my age. Yet, lately, I find that the 'little kid' in me gets really excited and is coming forth more and more as I get older. Recently, I went to Disneyland and did I get a good night sleep the night before? Oh no, I woke up every hour getting more and more excited of what the next day had to bring! I don't know if I will ever grow out of this, and honestly, I hope not. It is kind of nice to feel happiness like that now and again. Do you have any experiences like this?
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• India
20 Jul 12
Feeling happy as a result of anything positive does not make me feel like immature or like there is a part of me that is immature. The fact that people feel that you are more mature than other people of your age should give you the best to think of yourself.
• United States
21 May 12
I think this is wonderful to go through. I like it as well for myself. I get so excited I can't wait till adrian comes home and with me..
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12 May 12
I do. I had to be very responsible when I was young because one of my parents was sick, so I had to take care of myself. Now that I'm older and feel more secure I definitely make time to act like a little kid. In fact, going to Disneyland is one of my favorite vacations even though I am a grown adult with no kids! Just because we get old doesn't mean we shouldn't have fun anymore.
@bjc66bjc (6745)
• United States
10 Apr 12
Hi rewardsinlife, I truly know the feeling...I often get excited about life the same as a child would, but its ok because I think there iis always a little bit of child in all of us, no matter how od we get....Don't let any one take tha joy out of your life.....