How do you justify this ? Sixth sense......

April 11, 2012 3:15am CST
I experienced this weird incident and its being happening to me many times. My friend was driving a bike and I was sitting at rear side. We came to a busy street when suddenly i got this weird feeling like what ever i was seeing through my eyes at the moment anything like a person walking, his shirt, colour, trees, cars whatever, for an instance I felt like I have seen such a scene somewhere (in dream may be). The most freaking part is I was able to guess what was the next thing that I am gonna see. But this just happens in an instant ( means it exists only may be for a second long). I dont know how many of you believe me but I do thought of sharing it with you guys as this is not happening to me for the first time. Also while discussing with my friends some of them do told me they too had such experiences and they say its normal and everyone has it. I would like to konw if anyone had suhc an experience. Is this what you call as your sleeping sixth sense ?
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@BLTLife (337)
• United States
11 Apr 12
It's called deja vu what you are experiencing. Many theories on why it happens. Some say it's from dreams. Others claim it's one eye processing information a faster than the other. It may even be the ability to see slightly in the future. Which I doubt, but who knows. Regardless, everyone I've known has gotten them too.
• India
11 Apr 12
Thanks for the reply. Atleast now i can relax that i am normal but its a very special kind of feeling when you interfere such occurrence in life.