Who do you think is the greatest chess player of all time?

April 11, 2012 7:18am CST
There were so many great chess players that lived on earth and many candidates for this position. to mention some of them, we have Paul Morphy, Alexander Alekhine, Jose Capablanca, Mikhail Botvinnik, Bobby Fischer, Anatoly Karpov and Gary Kasparov. They are all great in their own times and were all past Champions. How do we categorize who the greatest chess player of all time is? Do we categorize him on how long he holds his championship or how he demolishes all opposition? Do we choose in accordance on how he plays the game? Is it on his mental strength or his attitude or personality? . I think it is interesting to see other people's opinions on who they think is the greatest chessplayer that ever lived. In my opinion, one of my best votes would be Gary Kasparov, and my reason is that he has played some of the most brilliant games ever and all his games are exciting to watch due to his risky style of play. He was also the first player ever to reach the 2800 ratings. How about you, who is your choice for the best chessplayer of all time?
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• India
23 Jul 12
From what I have heard, people used to praise Paul Morphy, people like Alexander Alekhine and not forgetting the legend Gary Kasparov. All this were great players and many of my friends would want to watch them today. To be good in chess, it’s a matter of how long you hold to the champion ship and how many you defeated.
• Philippines
2 Aug 12
Yes, Gary Kasparov is one of my most favorite players due to his combinational style. It is the same with Alekhine and Mikhail Tahl. I don't know the style of Paul Morphy though. Other great players like Capablanca, Botvinnik and Tigran Petrosian are less spectacular but nevertheless extremely effective. I think most people admire styles that are daring and exciting. Alekhine and Kasparov would be some of the best examples of this type of style.