I forgot the date yesterday :(

United States
April 11, 2012 9:09am CST
My boyfriend and I usually don't make a big deal about our "monthiversaries" but we do make a point to say happy ___ months even though we've almost been together for 2 years. We're both good at knowing the date and remembering but yesterday my brain completely lapsed and I went the entire day not knowing the date. This happens a lot to me and I'll know what day it is, but I have no clue what the actual date is. It's not that I forgot our monthiversary, I just didn't realize what the date was at all yesterday. When I realized that it was the 10th yesterday I felt so bad for not knowing. Luckily, I'm a lot better at remembering important holidays, his birthday, and our actual anniversary. But still, I felt sad that we didn't even acknowledge the day :( Have you ever forgotten an important date?
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11 Apr 12
That happens to everyone at some time or another. I have been married more than once and divorced from all of them. Anyway, my first anniversary was the day before my birthday.. I usually always remember it but last year I didn’t. I also was married September 21, 1983 and I would always remember that date, but I didn’t last year either. I did remember my ex husbands’ (both of them) birthdays last year and this year on March 7th was my last husband’s birthday.. I remembered it. I don’t have any montheversaries to remember…
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11 Apr 12
I've always been bad about knowing what the date is. Usually I have to ask someone what today is or I have to check my phone. I'm not sure why, but this has always been a problem for me. Just last week I was thinking of the 10th being 23 months together and after that all the dates just slipped by me. I'm actually surprised I don't forget my own birthday since I'm always so clueless
• India
24 Jul 12
There are many days in our lives that we would want them to be anniversaries but they just pass without our knowledge. That particular day you talk about much have such a sweet memory for you to remember and it is a good thing to appreciate what you have with your boyfriend.
@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
12 Apr 12
I think its quite normal to forget some dates especially when we are too busy with our daily things to settle. =) I would think though that it is really what can happen at times and it is pretty normal.