UK Music Success in US

April 11, 2012 11:42am CST
I was recently thinking how many US artists that are also big in the UK industry topping the charts weeki in week out. However, the success of UK artists is really limited...only recently have artists such as Adele, Jay Sean, Tinie Tempah, Taio Cruz, The Wanted to name a few started becoming big (or atleast known) in the US While im sure there is alot of unrecignised talent in the US, it seems a shame alot of the UK talent does not get recognised abroad getting the recognition it deserves. Why do you think it's so much harder for UK music artists to break the US market compared to vice-versa for the US artists?
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• India
24 Jul 12
May be the music industry is not as established as the one in USA. I have seen this in other countries where local musicians perform very well locally or in their country but they cannot cope with the completion in the same field elsewhere. USA based artist may be considered as the most established worldwide but may it also has something to do with their economy.